About Us

At Million Dollar Streetwear, we strive to connect the people with the items they want. We strive to bring our customers streetwear brands such as Supreme, Vlone, Jordan, Yeezy, and more, all 100% authenticity guaranteed or full money back. We bring a diverse collection of new and used Supreme and other streetwear brands at competitive prices. Fakes and authentic items are extremely difficult to decipher in today’s marketplace, so we take that fear away through our expert team of legit checkers. From years of legit checking thousands of our own items (and getting scammed many times along the way), we have perfected our legit checking method and service.

Why Trust Us?

All items are vigorously legit checked to ensure that our customers can purchase all items without the hassle of worrying about fakes. Through years of buying and selling, we have cultivated the information to help other resellers alike. From our reselling services like our legit checking service, The Ultimate Supreme Selling Guide (currently being developed), and more, you can bring all of your questions and inquiries to our team.


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  • Clothing Products
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